Welcome to the “official” website of Chicago-based DJ, producer, remix artist and event promoter Joseph C.R. Vourteque!

Vourteque has been hailed for his iconoclastic take on many forms of music from house, electro and drum n bass to gothic country, gypsy fusion and alternative vaudeville.  He was also told by a person in Wisconsin that he made a joke of DJs. Evidently they did not appreciate a three hour 90’s euro-dance set.

Today Vourteque is best known for his work in the electro-swing, circuspunk and steampunk movements. He’s consistently at the forefront of both music and events. To find out more visit the section above that is inexplicably named after him.

Also feel free to peruse the LISTEN section where you can listen to his original works, remixes and DJs sets.  If you like his work enough to download it go to the EXPERIENCE section and, well, download it.  Or if you like, download other things he has that are all about him.  If you still like what he does after that do check out the up-coming events because events are fantastic and you don’t go to enough of those.  Shame on you.

You can also find Vourteque’s opinions, ideas and maybe some legitimate news in the  MUSINGS & NEWS section.  Then feel free to admire him in the SEE section where he’s graciously supplied you with pictures and videos featuring none other than himself.  After all that riveting content you can go further by CONTACTING him to tell how much you adore/loathe/are-indifferent to him. Lastly, tell the people and associations that Vourteque seems to think he’s affiliated with that everything is going to be “okay” by visiting the EXPLORE! section and following the links far far away from this page.

But most of all, thank you for visiting, and come back… REALLY soon.

It’s in your best interest… he thinks he knows where you live.

New Vourteque Website Coming soon! For now this is Where to See Me!

Yeah, I’m terrible at up-dating this website. So we’re going to be overhauling it soon with a more simple layout and a better listing of the events I’ll be doing.

Call & Response is on the new TRAPEZE Compilation!

Hell yeah! Looks like a track off my new album, “The Iron & Jazz Age” is on the newest TRAPEZE compilation!

The Iron & Jazz Age is HERE!

That’s right folks – it’s here and it’s getting coverage and people are loving it. Want to listen to some of the tracks? Check out my soundcloud or bandcamp pages. Want to buy it (you CAN buy it at bandcamp if you want to as well) check out the post on Dead 2 Me Records with links to the Amazon and iTunes!

New DJ Mix! New Video! New Album! New Kickstarter!

After ample amounts of touring in 2014, I took a break this January to finish up my new album The Iron & Jazz Age! Help the Kickstarter out! Watch my new video AND listen to a new DJ mix!

My “August” Tour is OFFICIAL!

That’s right! It’s happening and it’s happening SOON! I’ll be taking the road in pretty much a week with my good friend, fabulous seamstress and burlesque dancer Laci Neal!

Droppin’ Feathers or How I got Mad Decent Blog to call me the electroswing king of Chicago

Well how about this for a Wednesday release (the track dropped yesterday)!

I’m on the Your Chicago Podcast!

Woo hoo! I was asked by my friend Stefania Rudd to be a guest on her’s and her lovely friend Arden Joy’s podcast Your Chicago!

Vourteque and Mr. Automatic on WNUR Radio!

That’s right! Myself and my good friend and label boss Mr. Automatic joined the Redux Djs and Madrid on Streetbeat for White Label DJs and Space Disco for a full 3 hour show!

Guess Who’s New Single is on Speakeasy Electroswing Vol. 2 Comp?

I’ve been on some small comps before, but this is super exciting. “The Electro Vintage Sounds of The Speakeasy Vol. 2” the new internationally released, digital compilation from DJ Eliazar and Speakeasy Electroswing just came out! I’m very excited to say that my newest track, Hot Sinner, is one of the songs on it!

Happy Birthday to… Me! Come out and Celebrate All Week Long!

Ah that special time of the year the irritating summery center of the world is finally dying and grey skies prevail again! And you know what that means, right? It also means it’s my birthday!

As I do every year, I’m working with my crew from Steampunk Chicago on another Carnivale Delirium!

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