San Francisco’s Musee Mechanique is Kind of Nuts and Awesome

So I just got back from San Francisco where I Djed for the lovely Unwoman’s record release party and I have to say I’m quite impressed with how beautiful the city of San Francisco is.

It wasn’t all DJing and work though.  I also had the honor to spend a few days as a tourist in the city with Erica as my guide.  We did such things as check out Alcatraz (which is significantly more beautiful and interesting than I expected) and Fisherman’s Warf (where we had some fantastic crabs).  We also checked out a place that was truly, well, strange, different and awesome!

To any fan of automata, arcades, history or mechanical music I must suggest the Musee Mechanique.  It’s really spectacular.  During our trip to it I let Erica take the pictures because I’m terrible at doing that myself.  Then Erica accidentally misplaced her phone.  So you’ll just have to suffer through the ones I found on my phone.  I cannot be blamed if they do not do the place any justice.  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to "San Francisco’s Musee Mechanique is Kind of Nuts and Awesome"
  1. 21/12/2012 03:27

    David Gallagher


    Glad you liked the musee! I want to let you know that we have a new web site at

    The site you link to is out of date and not owned by the Musee. It would be great if you could change your link!


    • 03/06/2013 21:04


      Hey David,

      So sorry for that, I’ll get to fixing that. My comments section was a bit jacked for a while, but should be good now.

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